Why Us?

Well, it's not about us, but about you and what you're looking for in a dive vacation.  Why us is about knowing the destinations, hotels and dive shops, being a diver as well,  and to match this to what you're searching.  We put the human element in dive trip planning.  Nothing automated in our ability to listen and know.  

How do we tick?

Caribbean & Pacific Dive Vacations is a dive travel wholesaler. We maintain contracts and agreements with the hotels and dive shops we recommend. Unlike a travel agent who can book anywhere or any time, we hold business relationships with the end providers of your vacation. It is in the hotel and dive shop's best interest to keep our divers happy not only in price but service, future business depends on it.

Caribbean & Pacific Dive Vacations is only dive vacations. We are aware of specials and can create our own. We can provide a unique divers' perspective to compare locations, hotels and dive operations that fit your needs and budget and help you make an informed decision. You pay no more (often less for the overall package) for this service.

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: Should you find a lower price for an identical package we offer, we will meet or beat that price.

MarketPlus, Inc., our parent company, was established in 1985 and one of the 3 women owned ad agencies in the capital city. The diving portion of MarketPlus, Inc.  started in 2000. (This is way more fun than advertising and marketing.)


Jan Stogner, President of MarketPlus, Inc, parent company of Caribbean & Pacific Dive Vacations. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees came from the University Of South Carolina. Yes, she's a Gamecock fan through and through. Jan has been diving over 20 years and has dived about 95% of the places you see and hear her talking about (working on 100%). Diving is something that came to Jan as an escape from the stress of her advertising agency business. No phones, no faxes under water. Well, the dive bug stuck and traveling to dive was then a way of life. In business since 1985, Jan took the business from being marketing and advertising agency focused to all dive travel in 2000.


Not much of a shutter bug, here are a few pictures from Bonaire and a recent trip to Indonesia. Other divers in these pictures totally by volunteer and kindness of their heart.  Diving with fun dive buddies essential to a great trip!
Packing List

Ever go thru what you need and worry you have forgotten something?  Stuck on a small island and forgot something?  Even worse on a liveaboard and forgot something?